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    LSM_Campus Research Talks

    Friday, 5 April, 2019 - 15:30 to Friday, 31 May, 2019 - 15:30
    Campus: Brussels Health Campus
    Seminar series

    Campus Research Talks are a bi-weekly friday afternoon seminar sessions (15.30) at the VUB Jette Campus organized by the LSM doctoral school and the UMCOR.

    The objectives for these Campus Research Talks are to

    -       Offer the doctoral students the opportunity to present their work to a somewhat larger audience than their regular labmeetings and/or clustermeetings.

    -       Increase the visibility of all the research done at this campus through “state of the art” presentations of the Principal Investiagors combined with the latest breakthroughs presented by the PhD students.

    -       Enhance the interaction between laboratories at all levels of research. We therefore invite Principal Investigators, PhDs, Post-Docs, technicians and 2nd year master students to attend this event.

    Preliminary program 15:30 on Friday (click on the names to get speaker infosheets):

    26/10:           Eline Menu & Sylvia Faict - Targeting the tumor microenvironment in Myeloma

    9/11 (11am): Maarten Moens & Lisa Goudman - Chronic pain therapy

    23/11:           Nick Devoogdt & Ahmet Krasniqi - Antibody and nanobody imaging and therapy

    7/12:             Ann Massie & Lise Verbruggen - Glutamate transport and brain (dys)function



    25/1:            Postponed Karine Breckpot & Katrijn BroosCancer immunotherapy  Postponed 

     8/2:              An Jansen & Laura Vandervore - Characterization of genes involved in human brain development

    22/2:            Karen Sermon & Silvie Franck - Human pluripotent stem cells as disease models

    8/3:              Ivan Bautmans & Liza De Dobbeleer - Muscle fatigability patterns: the role of inflammation and relevance in the context of frailty in older persons.

    22/3:            Ilse Rooman & Mathias Van BulckPancreatic cancer: from NGS data to tumorbiology

    5/4:              Leo van Grunsven & Joeri Lambrecht – Models and biomarkers of liver fibrosis

    19/4:            Bart Keymeulen and Thomas RobertStem Cell-Derived Pancreatic Cells for Type 1 Diabetes Therapy

    3/5:              Joery De Kock and Jessie Neuckermans - Directed protein evolution: a potential game changer for the treatment of inborn metabolic disorders?

    17/5:            Joeri Aerts & Jolien De Munck - The good, the bad and the beautiful: turning viruses into allies of the immune system to fight cancer.


    A Campus Research Talk will consist of two parts; the principal investigator of a research unit will first introduce the research topic of his/her research unit during  a 20-25 minute state of the art-like talk, during which the PI can highlight the contributions of the unit to the research field. Following this introduction, the PhD student will present his/her work during 20-25 minutes as well. In this second part, a smaller and more specific intro to the PhD-students work is followed by (un)published work of the PhD student with emphasis on their own breakthroughs, technical approaches and problems, personal views etc. After the two talks, there is some time for questions (to both speakers) and altogether the Campus Research Talk should not take up more than 1 hour. Afterwards, drinks (+ snacks) will be provided to facilitate further discussion and networking.

    We will start the seminar sessions on Friday 26th of October (VUB week 6) in Room B017 from 15h30-16h30, and then every other week. 

    If you are interested in presenting during one of these seminar series, please email  Leo van Grunsven (lvgrunsv@vub.be) or Aude Bonehill (abonehil@vub.be)  with the name of the PI and PhD student and a title of the seminar (or two if a subtitle is needed). Please also give your availability for one of the "free" Fridays, so we can block a session for you.


    We look forward to your positive reply and attendance!

    Leo van Grunsven, Director DS_LSM

    Ivan Bautmans, Chair UMCOR