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    Introduction Day for New PhD candidates

    Friday, 11 October, 2019 - 09:00
    Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus
    Building Q
    Auditorium Q-D
    Researcher Training and Development Office
    Introduction Day(s) for New PhD candidates

    On Friday the 11th of October 2019 the Researcher Training & Development Office organises the Introduction Day for New PhD candidates in Etterbeek. As of academic year 2017-2018 it is compulsory for all PhD candidates (that started their research in 2017-18 or later) to follow the Introduction Day once during their PhD trajectory.

    As the name suggests, the Introduction Day is meant to welcome starting PhD candidates and give them essential information about the VUB’s research culture. The morning session will inform you about pursuing a PhD at the VUB: you will hear significant talks from the coordinator of the Researcher Training & Development Office, staff from the Science Outreach office, European Liaison Office, Human Resources, TechTransfer, other PhD candidates, and much more.

    In the afternoon session we will focus on scientific integrity and research ethics at the VUB and in general.

    You’re also invited to participate in additional info sessions and workshops later this week on publishing your articles, using PURE (the publication database), intellectual property…. It’s not mandatory to follow these, yet strongly recommended to do so; since they will allow you to take a head start into your PhD.

    Final programme

    Friday 11/10/2019


    Doing a PhD at the VUB (dr. Hannelore De Grande, Coordinator Researcher Training & Development Office (RTDO, R&D)

    What an ombudsperson can do for you’ (Prof. dr. Patrick Deboosere, Ombudsperson DSh)


    ‘HR-related aspects for PhDs’ (Glen Quintens, People & Organisation (P&O))


    ‘Career Services’ (Annelies Colpin, RTDO, R&D)


    Practical Information on the Compulsory Doctoral Training Programme and the Doctoral Schools’ (dr. Hannelore De Grande)




    PhD Student Testimonial by Philippe Eiselein (PhD candidate, Faculty of Economic & Social Sciences)


    Science Communication’ (Sarah Leuridan, Science Outreach Office, R&D)


    ‘Applying for EU and other funding at VUB’ (Stien Mommaerts & Federico Perrone, European Liaison Office & dr. Kris Pauwels, Research & Grant Office, R&D)


    'Valorisation, IP & Tech Transfer' (Jessica Hekking, TechTransfer Office)


    ‘Bursaries and their rights: what can unions do?’ (Tim Vandenberghe, Trade Union VUB)


    Introduction to PhD Networks


    Interactive Lunch + Info market (TechTransfer, TEO, PhD networks…)

    Nelson Mandela Reception Hall


    Research Ethics and scientific Integrity’ (dr. John Pearson, Legal & Ethics Office, R&D)


     'Safety measures at the lab' (Christel Van den Bossche, safety coordinator P&O)


    Optional social event with the PhD networks



    Auditorium Q-D, Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus



    Registrations are closed, the introduction day is fully booked. The next introduction day will be organised on Monday 3 February. Registrations will open in TEO soon - check the catalogue regularly!

    Questions on the compulsory part? Check our powerpoint or the general info page.

    Additional voluntary introductory sessions

    In the week following the introduction day, we organise several more activities that may help you out on the start of your PhD journey. Unlike the introduction day, these are not compulsory.


    @ Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus, Etterbeek

    Monday 14 October



    Introduction to Intellectual Property’ (Hugo Loosvelt, TechTransfer)

     Registration for VUB staff and non-staff members.


    Tuesday 15 October



    Publication literacy and open access: an introduction’ (Lucy Amez, R&D)

    Registration for VUB staff and non-staff members.


    Thursday 17 October



    Introduction to Portfolio & PURE’ (Mimi Deprez & dr. Hannelore De Grande, R&D)

    Registration for VUB staff and non-staff members.


    @ Brussels Health Campus, Jette

    Wednesday 16 October



    Publication literacy and open access: an introduction’ (Lucy Amez, R&D)

     Registration for VUB staff and non-staff members.


    Tuesday 22 October



    ‘Essentials of the doctoral training programme: Compulsory doctoral education, use & application of Portfolio & PURE’ (Stefanie Van Rysseghem & dr. Hannelore De Grande, R&D)

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