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    DSh - Fictions of Europe: Imaginary Topographies and Transnational Identities across the Arts

    Thursday, 28 March, 2019 - 09:30 to Friday, 29 March, 2019 - 17:15
    Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus
    Activity type: Content Seminar / Workshop
    Doctoral School: DSh
    Contact person (one person):  Janine Hauthal
    Email of contact person: Janine.Hauthal@vub.be
    Name(s) of the VUB organizer(s):
    Elisabeth Bekers
    Janine Hauthal
    Arvi Sepp (VUB/UA)
    Zhuyun Song
    Research group: LIST
    Inter-university activity?
      - KU Leuven
      - Universiteit Antwerpen
    Name and affiliation of external member(s) (if applicable):
    Bart Philipsen (KU Leuven)
    Arvi Sepp (VUB/UA)
    Start date: Thu, 28/03/2019
    Start time: 09:30
    End date: Fri, 29/03/2019
    End time: 17:15
    Location: Palace of the Academies (KVAB), Brussels, Belgium

    !! Attention: Participation in this training will NOT automatically appear in your online PhD portfolio, fill out this form and let it sign by the instructor as proof of participation.
    Summary / Abstract  
    This international conference, jointly organized by VUB, UA and KUL, explores
    how Europe is imagined in contemporary literature, theatre, film and other
    media, both within and beyond Europe's ever-shifting borders. Rather than
    concentrate on representations of Europe as seen through European eyes only,
    the conference wishes to draw attention to the manifold ways in which the
    idea of Europe has inspired artists from across the globe. In addition, it is
    particularly interested in how ongoing processes of European integration,
    non-European migration as well as regionalism and decentralization within
    Europe have diversified artistic articulations about Europe.
    The conference is relevant for the VUB PhD community in several ways:
    (1) The conference enhances the research activities at VUB and, thus,
    contributes to offering its PhD community a vibrant research environment.
    (2) Three (post-)doctoral candidates from the VUB (LIST) will be
    participating as speakers and/or are members of the organizing committee
    (Zhuyun Song, Lesley Penné, Janine Hauthal).
    (3) The conference theme is highly topical for doctoral students working in
    the heart of Europe and to some extent, questions of European topographies
    and identities, possibly concern them all. The organizers have therefore
    decided that students can attend the conference for free.
    (4) The organizers wish to encourage (junior) researchers newly working on
    ‘fictions of Europe’ to (co )present a paper through an open call for
    papers which will be issued in October. Allowing junior researchers to
    exchange their ideas with international experts in the field opens up
    stimulating possibilities for the next generation of scholars.
    (5) In order to heighten the conference's attractiveness for junior
    researchers without own funding, four travel bursaries for junior researchers
    are foreseen (see budget above).
    (6) The co-organised conference will not only intensify the collaboration
    between three different Flemish universities (KUL, UA, VUB) but also allow
    the host organisation to profile itself as a centre of expertise in the study
    of ‘imaginary Europes’ by bringing together specialists from 8 European
    countries, including the organizers of previous conferences and initiatives
    related to the topic in Portsmouth (2012, 2017), Basel (2016), and Roskilde
    (2017). By intensifying exchange and broadening cooperation in view of
    European and Flemish funding applications (i.e. H2020 ITN, FWO project) on
    the topic in the coming year, the conference contributes to the
    internationalization of doctoral studies at the VUB and supports the pending
    European and Flemish funding applications, which - if successful - will allow
    the VUB to offer several research positions to doctoral students.
    Description of the activity: International conference, bringing together
    junior researchers with international experts in the field.