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    DSh Explanation and understanding within mathematics

    Friday, 6 December, 2019 - 09:00
    KVAB (Koninklijke Academie Van België Voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten)
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    Seminar / Workshop

    Explanation and understanding are important topics in the philosophy of science. This discipline has made importante developments to account for the role explanations play in scientific activities. A current trend is that philosophers emphasize the link between explanation and understanding.


    The notion of explanation in the field of mathematics, on the other hand, received less attention and remained puzzling. In recent decades philosophers of mathematics became interested in what it means that a proof provides an explanation. Besides explanatory proofs there might be other types of explanation within mathematics. Moreover, still too little attention goes to the notion of mathematical understanding.


    During this workshop various speakers will present different philosophical perspectives on explanation and understanding within mathematics. By doing so we aim to further unravel these substantial notions in the philosophy of mathematics.

    Description of the activity: Workshop in the philosophy of mathematical practice