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    DSh 2019 07 30-31 Epistemic Subjects Beyond Individuals

    Tuesday, 30 July, 2019 - 09:00 to Wednesday, 31 July, 2019 - 18:00
    Paleis der Academiën
    Hertogsstraat 1 - 1000 Brussel
    DSh LW
    Summary / Abstract	:
    Traditionally, epistemologists have investigated the nature of epistemic
    properties (i.e. knowledge, belief and understanding) on the assumption that
    they apply to human individuals and to human individuals only. Meanwhile
    technology and social collaboration are playing an increasingly large role in
    scientific practice, and our conceptual tools are lagging behind in taking
    this into account. Recent discussions in social epistemology have taken
    seriously the question whether epistemic properties may be suitably
    attributed (to a lesser or equal extent) to entities other than human
    individuals, such as groups (collective epistemology), artefacts (android
    epistemology) or individuals in conjunction with “external” components
    (extended epistemology). Developments in other fields (e.g. cognitive science
    with distributed, artificial and extended cognition respectively) seem to
    support an affirmative answer and provide useful perspectives for (social)
    epistemology and philosophy of science to account for epistemic practices
    beyond the individual. The use of such developments has recently been
    initiated in the epistemology literature, but the assimilation remains
    limited and disjointed at present.
    It’s time to take a closer look at the “epistemic subject” as an
    explanatory concept and how it may fare in explaining entities beyond
    individuals. Therefore this international workshop focuses on the possible
    attributions of understanding, knowledge or beliefs to collective, extended
    or artificial subjects as well as how to conceptualise them. ​Taking into
    account not only perspectives from social epistemology, but also perspectives
    from philosophy of science, philosophy of mind and cognitive science, the
    objective of the workshop will be to explore the idea of epistemic subjects
    beyond human individuals - namely, the possible attributions of
    understanding, knowledge or beliefs to collective, extended or artificial
    subjects as well as how to conceptualise them. The range of topics will
    - Collective understanding, epistemic abilities, and distributed cognition
    - Collective knowledge, and collective know-how
    - The nature and demarcation of epistemic agency
    - Relations between epistemic properties of the group and its members: kinds
    of non-summativism, emergence and reducibility-relations
    - Extended epistemology and extended cognition
    - Android epistemology and artificial cognition
    Special regard is given to collective understanding, as this topic is largely
    unexplored while still closely connected to existing discussions in the
    aforementioned disciplines.
    Description of the activity: Two-day Workshop with 4 keynotes and 8
    contributed speakers (and ample time allocated for discussion)

    Registration and more information
    Contact person (one person):  Sven Delarivière (PhD Student)
    Email of contact person: Sven.Delariviere@vub.ac.be

     Credits: 1

    !! Attention: Participation in this training will NOT automatically appear in your online PhD portfolio, fill out this form and let it sign by the instructor as proof of participation.