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    Do we need technological advancement or societal change to fight Climate Change?

    Wednesday, 3 April, 2019 - 19:00
    Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus

    Climate Response is an organization that provides scientifically sound information on Climate Change and its possible solutions. It specializes in bringing this complex matter in very correct as well as very accessible terms. Furthermore, Climate Response wants to promote a discussion on inconvenient climate facts that might lack attention. Climate Response members comprise of young scientists and engineers and people with experience in social sciences. The founder and speaker of the evening has 8 years of experience of working for some of the leading environmental service companies in the world. Thanks to this, Climate Response can provide unique multidisciplinary conclusions that prove crucial for a topic such as Climate Change and have been presented to some of the key universities and Environmental organizations in Flanders. In this seminar, Climate Response will provide project management tools to deal with the complex problem of Climate Change. It will present an objective analysis of the possible paths towards combating Climate Change. Lastly, more attention will be given on two of the most important drivers of Climate Change.

    Speaker: Kristof Cuadros Perez (Climate Response: https://www.climateresponse.eu/)

    Registration: https://www.kvcv.be/index.php/nl/activiteiten-en-nieuws/kalender/528-do-we-need-technological-advancement-or-societal-change-to-fight-climate-change

    Price: free / €2 / €4 KVCV-member / member WK / non-members.
    Lecture will take place in Aula D0.08, followed by a reception.