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    VUB PhD CUP: *** Call for presentations ***

    Wednesday, 23 May, 2018 - 09:30
    Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus
    VUB Doctoral Schools



    *** Call for presentations ***


    Desoxyribonucle-saywhatnow…? Stop the presses, this just came in: the Doctoral Schools of the VUB are organizing a very own home-brewed PhD-Cup! Naturally, we trust you’re an expert in your research domain and you can bamboozle everyone with field-specific lingo. That’s why we challenge you to translate your research to a three minute message that enthuses and your goldfish (or even your supervisor) could understand. Be sure to check the guidelines and sign-up, maybe you’ll be the one drinking the juice of victory (or the tears of your competitors) out of the very first official VUB PhD-Cup and win 500 eur working credit!

    What? The Doctoral Schools are looking for PhD candidates and recently defended PhD holders who can enthuse a large audience about (a part of) their research. Only a small share of all the research produced at VUB gets its way to the general public. The Doctoral Schools are proud of their PhD researchers and want to put them in the picture. During the PhD day organised on 9 October 2018 we will give the floor to 8 PhD candidates who will battle for the VUB PhD Cup.

    Format: Give a three-minute presentation of your research in English, tailored to a large audience. You can make use of a powerpoint or other objects to get your message across.


    To nominate PhD candidates for the PhD day, each Doctoral School will organize a pre-selection in which you can present your research. Peers decide on the best presentations, as well as a jury composed of the DS director, one staff member of the Central PhD Office and one staff member of the Science Outreach Office. The audience will account for half of the votes, and the jury for the other half. In case there is an ex aequo the jury decides based on a combination of the following criteria: presence, story, comprehensibility and originality of bringing the story. 2 members from LSM will be nominated, and 3 each from DSH and NSE.

    Pre-selection NSE: 23/5  >> submission deadline 16/5

    Pre-selection LSM: New date: 21/6 >> submission deadline 14/6

    Pre-selection DSH: 20/6  >> submission deadline 14/6


    After each pre-selection, a DS-specific social event will be organised.

    Register before May 18th with a short abstract up to 250 words: here



    Nominated PhD candidates will get a one-day training of The Floor is Yours to prepare them for their Pitch on the PhD day. This will be organised on the 25th of September 2018.

    Final on PhD Day


    Make sure to be free on  October 9th 2018 – if you are among the best presenters you will be invited to give your talk on the VUB PhD day. The jury will be composed of the three Doctoral School Directors + one staff member of the Central PhD Office and one staff member of the Science Outreach Office. Next to that the audience also choses a winner, who gets the same prize as the one who got the most votes from the jury.

    Prize: 500 euro to spend on doctoral activities + Interview in the HENRI (both for the prize from the Audience and from the Jury)

    Some simple guidelines:

    -          Do not to use specific jargon only known by your field of research

    -          Even if your research is complex, try to find a way to simplify it for your audience without missing the core message

    -          Script your research as a story with emotional as well as intellectual impact – people will remember your research better!

    -          Do not worry about being complete, you can tell a part of the story to get people interested in the subject

    -          Think about why your research is important and start from there

    -          Can you relate your research to hot topics in the news of self-interest themes? This might make your story stick better

    -          Do you have any fun facts related to your research? Use them!

    -          Do not use too many slides (follow the rule: one (or half a) minute per slide)


    Check out some short videos from the Flemish PhD Cup to get inspiration for your talk: http://www.phdcup.be/nieuws/bekijk-de-presentaties-van-de-finalisten(in Dutch)

    Check out examples from Three-Minute-Thesis Competition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dexCh39jEg4 (in English)

    Our VUB PhD Day webpage: https://student.vub.be/phd-day