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    VUBBQ Zone

    Would you like to organise a BBQ or campfire on the campus in Ixelles or Jette? That's possible! However, to make sure a nice BBQ doens't turn into a disaster with injured people or fire, you need to follow certain rules.


    >>> Read all the information about organising events in academic year 2020-2021 here.


    How do you use the BBQ and/or the fire pit?

    1. Report your planned BBQ activity to the VUB at least three workdays in advance via ultimo.vub.be. If you would like to have tents or marquees for your activity, make sure to say so when you place your request (well in advance).  Clearly state whether the request is for Jette or Ixelles. In Jette there's only 1 BBQ set available.

      You’ll need an ULTIMO account. If you still need to create one, send an email to infradesk@vub.be.

    2. You’ll receive email confirmation of your activity if the BBQ or fire pit is available.
    3. On the day of your confirmed activity, pick up the BBQ grill / roster. You’ll find it by the VUB Security office. In Ixelles you find them in building X4, next to Entry 6. In Jette, the security is located next to Student Housing, between the dorms. 
    4. Bring your own garbage bags and do not leave any garbage behind: this should be taken away by the organisers of and/or participants to the event. Leave the coals in the BBQ. If you do not clean up adequately, you’ll be billed for the clean-up. This may also have consequences for your subsequent activities and requests.
    5. Be respectful. Do not be a nuisance. The Security team has the authority to shut down your activity if they consider this necessary.
    6. The organiser of the BBQ is responsible and must be present until the fire is completely extinguished.
    7. Thoroughly clean the grills after use. Bring them back to the VUB Security office (Ixelles: Building X4, near Entry 6 - Jette: next to the housing secretariat, between the dorms) by 12 midday on the day following your activity.  
    8. If the grills are not returned, you’ll be charged €200 for a new grill.
    9. The Vrije Universiteit Brussel is not responsible for any accidents or damage.

    Which safety measures should be taken?

    • Always make sure you have two buckets of water nearby. An extra fire extinguisher, if desired, is available from security.
    • Place tents and marquees a safe distance from the BBQ.
    • Whoever is cooking does NOT drink alcohol. At the BBQ, there also needs to be a ‘BOB’.
    • Wear suitable clothing and use suitable equipment and utensils when cooking. NEVER use methanol, petrol or burning gels as a fire-starter. Keep alcoholic drinks away from the fire.
    • The use of your own BBQ grills is not permitted.

    In case of emergency

    If someone comes into contact with the fire, do not panic. Immediately call VUB Security on 02 629 21 76. The Security team will, if necessary, call the Emergency Services on 112. 

    While you wait for help:

    • Do not let the victim run around. This may further fuel the flames.
    • Lay the victim on the ground. Extinguish the flames with water, a fire blanket or with very heavy textiles, such as a jacket or a blanket.
    • Roll the victim on the ground (always rolling them away from you) until the flames are extinguished.
    • When you treat burn wounds: first water, with everything else coming later. Cool down any wounds with at least fifteen minutes of cold, softly running tap water. If there is no running water, use wet towels.
    • Never rub (burn) salves or creams on a burn wound. Only use water.
    • Remove clothing only if it is not attached to the burn wound.
    • Do not give the victim any food or drinks.