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    As a VUB student you can organise small (promotional) activities on the Esplanade of the Science & Humanities campus in Etterbeek. Permission for these events is co-ordinated by the Student Information Hub.

    You want to...

    • distribute flyers for an upcoming event?
    • sell cake and waffles for your organisation or project?
    • set up an information display?
    • raise money for a charity?
    • sell tickets?
    • organise mini events?
    • ...


    To organise an activity on the Esplanade, you need to follow the application steps below.

    1. Fill out the online application form.
    2. You will receive feedback from the Student Information Hub via e-mail.
    3. Bring a copy of your permission e-mail with you (digital or printed). On request, you have to be able to show it.

    Application form

    VUB community

    When shall I make my request?

    For students and staff:

    • Flyering = 2 working days in advance
    • Display with standard facilities = 4 working days in advance
    • Medium activity and/or special facilities = 2 weeks in advance

    For external parties:

    • Flyering and/or stand with standard facilities = 4 working days in advance
    • Medium activity and/or special facilities = 2 weeks in advance

    Only 'on time' requests will be treated.


    The campus has 4 possible event locations:

    • Esplanade at the Crazy Copy Center (suggested location)
    • VUB-restaurant (inside at the stairs)
    • Entrance Hall of Building D (inside)
    • End of fire escape path (in case of vehicle)


    You can choose one of the following:

    • No facilities
    • Standard facilities = table, 2 chairs, ordinary 220V electricity
    • Special facilities = standard package and/or water, special electricity (16A, 32A, 64A) or fire estinguisher (to be picked up at the security) in case of fire, gas or electrical cooking.

    Facilities have to be included in the permission request.

    Responsibilities and safety

    By handing in your request, you declare to accept integral responsibility for the activity or its effects. The university may ask for justification at any time.

    It is prohibited to endanger the security of students, staff and/or visitors of the campus or to disturb the regular activities of the university. You should follow instructions of the responsible involved or the security and accept that they can cancel the activity at any time.

    When you serve food, you should take care of all aspects of nutrition safety, e.g. warm and cold chains. Please read the official advice of the federal government (Dutch/French) and in case of doubt ask for advice in the student restaurant.