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    As a student, you have a lot of opportunities at our campuses to organise an event and to apply for the corresponding support.

    Questions about organising activities in academic year 2020-2021?

    Find all information here

    Do you have something to share?

    Great! There are a few ways to get your message out there. You can easily request coverage in these media through one simple webform.

    Create news item

    you create it, we edit

    Send your request to info@vub.be

    Create event

    You create, we edit

    Send your request to info@vub.be

    Request communication

    Make sure your message sticks

    Other media

    Request your promo activity

    Flyering, a stand or small event on the esplanade


    Event or news item on the student portal

    Do you organise a fun activitiy for students or do you have something to share with the student community? The student portal is a great way to reach your fellow students. 

    Slide on the videoscreens

    The campus video screens are ideal to promote your next event. Send us a Powerpoint slide or image with dimentions 16:9 and we'll make sure it gets on the video screens.

    Notice boards

    Only recognised societies, the BSGgtgv, De Moeial, Studiekring Vrij Onderzoek and the Student Council are allowed to use the notice boards and notice poles.

    Have a look at the map to see where you can find the notice boards and poles.

    More information is available in the Codex Student Life.

    VUBtoday, student newsletter & social media

    VUBtoday is the newsplatform of VUB. Student Information Hub writes about the student life on campus. Interesting tips are more than welcome.

    The student newsletter is sent on the first and third Thursday of the month, mainly based on VUBToday articles. A week earlier topics are determined for the newsletter and social media. Please send your topics two weeks ahead, if possible. Three weeks, if you want to be 100% sure about their publication.

    Face-to-face communication and participating in events

    Even in the digitale age offline networks and oral communication stay crucial. Approach your fellow students actively with a cool booth or story on campus or on big events. More information >>>

    Communication advice and/or campaign

    Students can rely on the Student Information Hub for communication advice and the set-up of a communication campaign.

    Good to know

    • Any message has to be approved and can be edited by the Student Information Hub.
    • Please keep in mind that the standart process time is two working days.
    • Tip: Have a look at other news items, events or slides to get an idea of the style and information we need.

    Financial support

    You have a brilliant project but need a bit of extra financial support to make it work? Or, you feel that you need some advice in managing the financial assets and activities of your student organisation? Then, one of the options below may be helpful for you!


    The VUB-regulations on student activities are centralised in the codex student life.

    Codex student life, user regulations Lounge Bar 1050, user regulation Basic Fit Lounge,...

    All rules & regulations concerning your student life


    If you organise an activity where music is played, you may need to pay royalties. Same applies when you use a 'protected' picture for a poster or a recent theatre text.

    We'll explain what's what.


    Normally, it is the organiser who is responsible for acting in accordance with copyright law. However, due to the large number of activities at the VUB, annual contracts have been signed with SABAM and Billijke Vergoeding (Equitable Compensation). These contracts include certain situations and conditions in the;

    • BSG party hall
    • Lounge Bar 1050
    • Basic Fit Lounge 1090 (only if you are satisfied with the Basic Fit background music)
    • Opinio
    • Complex

    It is still within the responsibility of the organiser to inform the issuers well and to be sure that the annual contract applies to the condition exactly. 

    For the remaining party rooms (the tent, Tempus, BOJ-hall, etc.), you should take the initative yourself to be in a right and timely manner. 


    Sabam is the Belgian authors' association that collects and distributes copyright royalties for authors, composers and music publishers.

    You are supposed to pay a fee when you use copyrighted music outside family or schools, for instance for:

    • theatre or dance performances
    • music at a party
    • background music
    • performances of bands affiliated to Sabam or a foreign authors’ association
    • performances of cover bands

    In the following cases, you don’t have to pay a fee to Sabam:

    • a free performance in the context of school activities (education) for an audience that only consists of students
    • the works are no longer protected (the longest living author passed away more than 70 years ago)
    • performances of bands that play their own songs and are not affiliated to Sabam or a foreign authors’ association. Keep in mind that even when the authors themselves are not affiliated, they may have a publisher who is affiliated to an authors’ association.
    • a free private performance within the family circle.

    You can find more information on www.sabam.be


    Billijke Vergoeding (Equitable Compensation) is the fee to be paid for using the music repertoire of performing performers and music producers in a publicly accessible place. Live music does not have to be paid for, but if you play recorded music before or after the performance, you need to pay the compensation. 

    If your activity takes place in a room, you should first advise the room owner if he/she paid the annual fee.

    Requests: Minimum 5 working days before the date of the activity.

    For more information visit www.bvergoed.be


    SEMU is the recognized Belgian management company for music publishers.

    Copying and publishing sheet music and lyrics can only be possible with the owner's consent. Since it is not always easy to find the owner or the composer, SEMU was founded to help people with this. 

    If you want the right to copy or publish sheet music or a song lyrics, you can arrange a settlement with SEMU.

    Applications: License agreements are made with SEMU.

    More information can be found at www.semu.be

    Copyright in the digital environment

    Authors, artists and producers invest a lot of creativity, time and money in their work and performance. They deserve the necessary respect and the appropriate remuneration.

    As we are living in the digital era now, the copyright rules are applicable also in the internet. Therefore, to listen to music, watch movies, read books or newspapers digitally and at the same time legally, it is important to pay attention to copyrights. Most of the time, the prices are quite affordable and sometimes the content can even be free depending on whether it is funded with advertising revenue or not. 

    Tip: While searching for a content, filter your search as 'labeled for reuse'. 

    For more information about the copyright rules visit:




    You are organising an activity and you would like additional support? Depending on your questions, there are several services that can assist you.

    Where can you go to with your questions?

    The Student Information Hub can guide and advise you but also support you in organising and communicating events on the esplanade as well as in the lounge bars. 

    The Brussels Studentengenootschap "Geen taal, geen vrijheid" or simply BSG is the overarching representation of all student organisations. BSG is the coordinating organ of student societies that represents them vis-a-vis the academic government and improves a smooth two-way communication with the university.

    Infradesk is the servicedesk for infrastructure and events (classroom management, signals), logistic and multimedia services (lending, cleaning, moving) & technical problems (electricity, water, etc.). 


    Infradeks: portal for infrastructure, facilities en technical issues

    opening hours
    monday to friday, 7.30 AM - 4.30 PM

    +32 2 629 31 11