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    Code red = more online classes

    It had already been partly announced, it is now officially confirmed: code red... We will switch to more digital education from Monday 26 October until the end of this calendar year. We will not go into a complete lockdown and will maintain our services and certain physical activities. Most classes will switch to digital teaching, at the same time we will do our utmost to maintain crucial contact moments.

    In consultation with the academic staff, the dean has decided to only allow the WPOs of the first-year students to continue as the default (with a few exceptions). . Keep a close eye on the timetables for all adjustments. Lecturers will continue to communicate on livetreams and recordings on Canvas. For completeness, please read the newsletter for students on all changes at VUB.

    If you still have questions about some subjects, do not hesitate to contact the faculty via faces@vub.be.

    Please be aware that you can also contact your study path counselor in the event of any difficulties during your academic career.

    The faculty secretariat remains open on weekdays between 9:00 and 12:00

    And always available via faces@vub.be

    Office365 and more

    E-tools and portals

    Graduates can pick up their diploma from November 15th, 2020.

    Your graduation certificate will be sent to you by postal mail

    Ready for the new academic year?

    Check the administration deadline calendar!










    Need for a conversation, programme overview, enrolment requirements, study paths, ...

    All information on your study path (counselor)


    You can apply for an exemption for a course on condition that you obtained a credit certificate for a course with identical or similar content.

    You may only hand in one request per programme each academic year.


    You can apply for an exemption for one or more courses on the basis of previously obtained credits. In order to do this, you need to submit an application form digitally by e-mail to faces@vub.be. Use as subject of your e-mail "Exemption request 2020 + your full name". Make sure your file is attached as 'one merged document' containing the three chapters (explained below).

    The submission of your application happens through one of the forms below. A complete exemption request consists of three chapters that are clearly separated by a new title page or tabs. You find all the information in our guidelines.

    Please read this information carefully. Only a complete request that has been submitted DIGITALLY on time will be processed. You can ignore "rule 11" on the outdated submission procedure - we no longer ask you to submit your file in person (!!) and ignore p2 on "supplies and title page".



    Forms for academic year 2020-2021

    Social Sciences

    Communication Studies

    Political Science: European and International Governance

    Bachelor in Social Sciences

    Solvay Business School

    Business Economics

    Business & Technology

    International Business


    You find the exemption forms for our Dutch-language programmes here.

    More information on your diploma and the graduation ceremony >> on the bottom of this page


    General data, exam organisation and what to do in case of a force majeure.

    Exam data 2020-2021

    1st session exam data

    • 1st period (January): from January 4th until January 30th 2021 included
    • Exam results will be published as of January 30th 2021 >> how to consult my exam results?
    • 2nd period (management students): from April 19th until April 30th 2021 included
    • 2nd period (all other students): from May 31st until June 26th 2021 included
    • Exam results will be published as of July 3rd 2021 >> how to consult my exam results?
    • Deliberation day: Thursday July 8th, 2021

    2nd session exam data

    • from August 16th until September 4th included
    • Exam results will be published as of September 4th 2021 >> how to consult my exam results?
    • Deliberation day: Thursday September 9th, 2021


    At this moment and in the weeks to come the faculty is making practical arrangements with the central services of the VUB to organize the examinations on or off campus (both written and oral) in complete safety. We are paying particular attention to the measures relating to social distance and hygiene. More information will follow.

    Exam preparation contact

    Contact your teacher/assistant to find out if you can schedule a meeting in the run-up to your exam. Good luck in the preparation of your exams and keep it safe!

    What about exams from home / exams on campus / off campus locations?

    How will it work?

    What to do in case of force majeure (illness, death of a relative, etc.)?

    1. First, fill in the 'force majeure' form
    2. Send the completed form via email to faces@vub.be (faculty secretariat) on the day of the first exam concerned at the latest (!). Do not inform nor contact the lecturer concerned - this will be taken care of by a colleague from the faculty secretariat.
    3. Provide the faculty secretariat with a valid proof of force majeure (medical certificate, obituary notice,...) via email or by handing it in at the Faculty Secretariat (PL5.3.07) three calendar days after the first day of the force majeur period at the latest (!)
    4. Only students who are legitimately absent for at least four consecutive days (or in case of death of a relative) can request for a rescheduled examination chance. All other students who are legitimately absent for a shorter period, will receive the official exam mark "Legitimately absent" and are referred to second session exam.

    For the sake of completeness, please read Art. 111 and Art. 112 of the Teaching and Exam regulations.


    Please be aware that this form is not meant to resolve problems relating to coinciding exams

    What to do if you cannot take part in exams on campus?

    The force majeure form below must only be filled in if you are unable to take a second session exam on campus for medical reasons and this has been confirmed by a physician.

    1.  Fill in the force majeure form;

    2.  Send the completed form, signed by a physician, by e-mail as soon as possible to faces@vub.be (faculty secretariat).

    If you cannot return to Belgium because of Covid-19 and you have exams on campus in the exam period, you can submit a request to take these exams remotely.

    Use this online form to check if the exam is organized on campus and submit it to us. A proof of your return is required. 

    The faculty will review your request and contact you if they have any further questions. Without any notice to the contrary, your request is accepted and forwarded to the professor(s) of the course(s). The professor will contact you by e-mail before the start of the second exam period.

    Examination overlap

    The examination overlap* must be reported to the faculty secretariat via faces@vub.be and to the lecturer(s) concerned. The dean decides, together with the lecturer(s) concerned, if an alternative examination can be organized.

    • First examination period of the first session: at the latest on December 1st
    • Second examination period of the first session: at the latest on May 1st
    • Second session: at the latest on July 27th

    * The definition of examination overlap: examinations that take place on the same day at the same time. An examination before noon and one in the afternoon on the same day is not considered overlap.


    You can graduate on three different dates during one academic year: January (early graduation), July (1st session) or September (2nd session).

    Keep an eye on your VUB-mail for the latest updates on the graduation ceremony!

    Graduation ceremony

    When you graduate you will receive a graduation certificate via the student administration in the weeks after the deliberation date (exact dates are listed on top of this page). This certificate is valid as official statement of your graduation until we hand over your official diploma later this year. Make sure your current home address is up to date in Student Self Service, as the certificate will be sent by postal mail to the address as stated on your student profile.

    The faculty is currently working on a safe and feasible alternative to the traditional graduation ceremony, taking into account current and future COVID-19 precautions. We will keep all graduate Master's students informed as soon as more news is available. Therefore, keep an eye on your VUB-mail for a while.

    You can pick up your diploma as of November 15th, 2020

    Your official diploma

    Your official diploma is an original and unique document that is only printed and delivered once. We take great care of the edit process of your diploma to make sure all information is filled in correctly and completely. This is the main reason why your diploma is not available the week after the deliberation.

    As a graduate bachelor or master student, you can pick up your diploma at the faculty secretariat from November 15th, 2020. We will inform you personally (by e-mail on your VUBmail address) if your diploma would be available at a sooner date.

    Bring your proof of identity or prepare a power of attorney in case you delegate this to someone else. In case you should have moved outside Belgium we can deliver it through postal services - it is advised that you send us an e-mail with your current address abroad and a contact phone number.

    Scroll down for important information on internships: forms and contact persons.


    The icing on your cake

    Your administrative checklist

    1. Register for your thesis course via Student Selfservice
    2. Choose and confirm your topic in the Master Thesis Information System (Mathis)
    3. Every master thesis student will be informed in time about Mathis and the procedures to follow. For more information, you can contact the Mathis co-ordinator.
    4. Hand in before the deadline
    5. Attention: if you wish to graduate early by handing in your thesis in December, it is best to inform yourself via this website on all (administrative) step


    Please read the rules regarding plagiarism carefully. Every student handing in a paper or master's thesis agrees to comply with the rules in force.

    The Dean of the faculty emphasises that sanctions will be applied in every case of plagiarism, which could include exclusion from all examination sessions of the ongoing academic year!

    Confidentiality and embargo

    If your research project calls for a specific confidentiality agreement between a company, you as a student-researcher, and the VUB, you can use this form.

    You can request for an embargo to prevent that the full text (including confidential information) becomes public: if the request is approved, it will only be sent to supervisor and assessor(s). Use this embargo document (download and complete it digitally) to request for an embargo.


    It is only possible to make an internship agreement between the student, the external firm and the university, if the internship is part of an academic course in your study curriculum. Voluntary internships are no longer supported by the faculty.

    Students in Communication Studies


    1. Read the course content sheet of your internship course, to find out how and whom to contact to discuss your internship

    2. Download and complete the internship agreement template >> DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATE (and use Adobe Reader to open and complete)

    3. Have it signed by all parties (you and the external "internship provider")

    4. Send the agreement to your VUB Internship coordinator: 


    You find an overview of internship options on this website and on the vub jobteaser website (sign in required)

    Students in Social Sciences and Political Science: European and International Governance can not make an internship agreement, since this makes no part of the curriculum.

    Students of Solvay Business School


    1. Read the entire procedure on the flow and details (available further below)

    2. Make good arrangements via the internship form ((available further below) with your internship coordinator > mail to internship.business@vub.be

    3. Download and complete the internship agreement (available further below ; use adobe reader)

    4. Send the pdf of the agreement to your internship coordinator,  who will launch a sign-by-all-parties flow using Adobe Sign.


    You find an overview of internship options on this website and on the vub jobteaser website (sign in required)

    Students in Business Economics and Management can not make an internship agreement, since this makes no part of the curriculum.

    Internship flow and details

    for students in International Business and Business&Technology

    Read the procedure

    Practical projects

    for students in International Business and Business & Technology

    Check the presentation

    Internship form

    for students in International Business and Business&Technology

    Download form

    Internship agreement

    use adobe reader to complete


    Students at the Brussels Diplomatic Academy

    Students enrolled in one of the three Postgraduate programmes organized by the BDA, have the option to select the elective "Professional Experience: internship" on 12 ECTS or 18 ECTS (depending on the programme).

    Download the INTERNSHIP AGREEMENT, complete the pdf using adobe reader and send it to the your VUB Internship coordinator: Gunter Gaublomme 

    The faculty secretariat is open on weekdays from 9:00 to 12:00

    More information on #backtocampus

    Faculty secretariat

    Feel free to drop by the secretariat with all your questions.

    Are you unable to visit us during our opening hours? Just give us a call or send an e-mail and we will look for a convenient moment.

    On weekdays


    Pleinlaan 5, 3rd floor

    02 614 83 83 and faces@vub.be


    The place where students should hand in papers and their master's thesis.

    SECRETARIAT solvay business school
    PLEINLAAN 5, 4th floor, Room PL5.4.20

    phone number
    0032 2 614 83 81

    e-mail address
    Opening hours

    Monday - Friday
    9am-12am and 1pm - 4pm
    Pleinlaan 9, 4th floor, room PL9.4.G51

    Phone number
    0032 2 614 86 00

    Opening hours

    Monday - Friday
    8am-12am and 1pm-4pm

    Who is who

    Looking for the name of the dean or the names of the representatives?