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    Regulations and forms

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    Forms 2018-2019

    Request for an exception on regulations

    You can request for an exception on regulations by sending an e-mail to stbfaces@vub.ac.be, with subject "Exception + full name + student number". The student counselor will discuss your request with the Dean, whom will take the final decision.

    You can request exceptions regarding:

    • Overruling the pre- and co-requesites
    • Exceeding the maximum registration of 66ECTS-credits
    • Enrolment after the deadline of Oct 8th, 2018
    • Course registration after the deadline of Oct 15th, 2018
    • Combined enrolment regulations (bachelor-master programme > art 42§3 of the TER 2018-2019

    You will receive final answer by e-mail.

    Master's thesis

    What is more exciting and intimidating than having to write a small book at the end of your studies? But before you start, make sure you register for your thesis on the Student Selfservice and in Mathis.


    1. Register for your thesis on the Student Selfservice
    2. Choose and confirm your topic in the Master Thesis Information System (Mathis)
    3. Hand in before the deadline
    4. Attention: if you wish to graduate early by handing in your thesis in December, it is best to inform yourself via this website on all (administrative) steps

    Every master's thesis student will be informed in time about Mathis and the procedures to follow. For more information, you can contact the Mathis co-ordinator.


    Please read the rules regarding plagiarism carefully. Every student handing in a paper or master's thesis agrees to comply with the rules in force.

    The Dean of the faculty emphasises that sanctions will be applied in every case of plagiarism, which could include exclusion from all examination sessions of the ongoing academic year!


    If your research project calls for a specific confidentiality agreement between a company, you as a student-researcher, and the VUB, you can use this template document.

    Your study path

    As a student you can design your study trajectory yourself. In case you need help, you can contact your study path counselor who can inform, advise, and guide you.

    Keep track of the full picture, and the options

    When designing your study path, it is important to keep in mind the pre- and co-requisites, possible spreading possibilities, and the programme overview. Here below you find this overview, organised per programme. 

    Pre- and Co-requisites

    In order to be able to register for some courses, you need to meet certain enrolment requirements first. These requirements can be either pre- or co-requisites (see above).

    A pre-requisite is a course that you must have completed before being able to enrol in a subsequent course, and which indicates that you master the competencies attributed to it.

    A co-requisite is a course that, in case if you have not completed it yet, you must enrol in together with a subsequent course.


    You can apply for an exemption for a course on condition that you obtained a credit certificate for a course with identical or similar content.

    You may only hand in one request per programme each academic year.

    You can apply for an exemption for one or more courses on the basis of previously obtained credits. In order to do this, you need to submit an application form to the faculty secretariat in person. A staff member will go through the file together with you and give you a receipt.

    The submission of your application happens through one of the forms below. A complete exemption request consists of three chapters that are clearly separated by a new title page or tabs. You can find all the information in our guidelines.

    Please read this information carefully. Only a complete request that has been submitted on time will be processed.



    On this page you can find the exam schedules and information on what to do in case of a force majeure event.

    What to do in case of illness or force majeure?

    1. First, fill in the 'force majeure' form
    2. Send the completed form to the examiner via email with faces@vub.ac.be in CC on the day of the exam at the latest (!) 
    3. Provide the Faculty Secretariat with a valid proof of force majeure (medical certificate, obituary notice,...) via email or by handing it in at the Faculty Secretariat (C2.03) three calendar days after the day of the exam at the latest (!)
    4. For the sake of completeness, please read Article 111 and Article 112 of the Teaching and Exam regulations


    Please be aware that this form is not meant to resolve problems relating to coinciding exams

    Exam results

    The official transcript of records with all results and the proclamation code will be available after deliberation, organized on Thursday July 4th, 2019. You find all information on how to do so, via this website

    All ES Faculty exam results will be published as of Monday July 1st, 2019 and will become visible in your Student Selfservice. Exam results of courses organized by other faculties can be published on another date, so do not panic if you do not see all results at once.

    The exam results of MSc in Management students will be published as of Friday May 24th, 2019.

    Participants of the second session exam during August/September will be able to download the official transcript of records after deliberation day of September 12th, 2019 via Student Selfservice.

    Exam Schedule - Second Exam Period - First Examination Session

    The link below will take you to the provisional exam schedules for the Second Exam Period of the First Examination Session (April & June 2019)

    Exam schedules - Second Exam Period - First Examination Session

    The exam periodes for the faculty ES can differ from the official examination sessions as indicated on the academic calendar. For the faculty ES exams can be planned during the second exam period of the first examination session as of Monday June 3rd untill Saturday June 29th, 2019.

    For the Master Management programme the second exam period of the first examination session will take place during the 2 weeks following the spring holiday (Monday April 22nd untill Saturday May 4th, 2019).

    Examination overlap

    The examination overlap* must be reported to the faculty secretariat via faces@vub.be and to the lecturer(s) concerned. The dean decides, together with the lecturer(s) concerned, if an alternative examination can be organized.

    • First examination period of the first session: at the latest on December 1st 2018
    • Second examination period of the first session: at the latest on May 1st 2019
    • Second session: at the latest on July 15th 2019

    * The definition of examination overlap: examinations that take place on the same day at the same time. An examination before noon and one in the afternoon on the same day is not considered overlap.

    Incoming exchange students

    Welcome in Belgium. Welcome in Brussels. Welcome at VUB!

    Course list academic year 2019-2020

    In agreement with our professors, we've created course lists for incoming exchange students per (main) study field and per academic level.

    There are 4 lists:

    1. Bachelors in social sciences study field: political science, communication studies, sociology
    2. Bachelors in economics/management study field
    3. Masters in social sciences study field: political science, communication studies, sociology
    4. Masters in economics/management study field

    You select YOUR list and you are supposed to keep your course selection to this list. We expect you take a minimum of 21 ECTS per semester.

    Browsing through the list, you will notice a mix of bachelor level and master level courses. We give you the opportunity and responsibility to select courses from a (higher) different academic level. It is advised to discuss the academic level with your home university exchange coordinator (who signs the learning agreement).

    You find a lot of useful (general) information via the FAQ for incoming exchange students, via this website: http://www.vub.ac.be/en/exchange#faq

    Bachelor level

    As a bachelor student, pick your study field here below to find the course list:

    Master level

    As a master student, pick your study field here below to find the course list:

    Timetables and exam schedules

    You find all information on timetables, exam schedules and how to read them via this website.

    Exchange students find their courses best via the "CONSULT TIMETABLES PER COURSE" function!


    For questions on available courses, timetables, results

    Mail the faculty


    For questions on procedures, deadlines arrival/departure documents, official documents and signatures

    Mail the exchange team

    Faculty secretariat

    No idea who you can contact with a question? Then pass by the faculty secretariat or send us an email.


    PLLN 5.3.307 -- 02 614 83 83 -- faces@vub.be


    09:00-12:30 and 14:00-18:00


    The place where students should hand in papers and their master's thesis.

    SECRETARIAT solvay business school
    PLEINLAAN 5, 4th floor, Room PL5.4.20

    phone number
    0032 2 614 83 81

    e-mail address
    Opening hours

    Monday - Friday
    9am-12am and 1pm - 4pm
    Pleinlaan 9, 4th floor, room PL9.4.G51

    Phone number
    0032 2 614 86 00

    Opening hours

    Monday - Friday
    8am-12am and 1pm-4pm

    Who is who

    Looking for the name of the dean or the names of the representatives?