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    Enrolment and administration

    Enrolment and administration is slightly different for incoming Erasmus students.

    1. Before arrival

    •  You've registered via the Mobility-Online tool and uploaded your signed learning agreement.
    • You will receive an email to activate your VUB Account (titled "Activate your VUB account"). Click on the link in the email ("this website") to activate the NetID. You will need your student number and PIN code, which you can find in the email.

    2. Upon arrival

    • When you arrive, your first stop is the International Relations Office (location and contact details at the bottom of the webpage). You report your arrival there and you get your certificate of arrival, which you can send to your home university. You can only set the arrival date 5 days before.
    • Go to the exchange session (during the Orientation Week). You will receive your student card at the end of the session. If you haven't arrived by then, you can pick up your student card later at IRMO.

    3. At the beginning of the semester

    At the beginning of the semester you can still decide to switch courses. Make changes to the learning agreement, if needed, before the deadline for course registration. You can only change your learning agreement ONCE, so please wait until you're certain about the courses you want to take.

    Follow these steps in the Mobility-Online tool to change your learning agreement (printscreens >>>):

    1. Changes to the learning agreement needed? "Click here to let us know whether changes to the learning agreement are needed or not". Indicate Yes or No and submit answer.
    2. Edit courses
    3. Indicate changes are final

    As an exchange student, you don't have to register your courses yourself. The faculties will do this for you after the period in which you can still change your learning agreement.

    4. At the end of the semester

    1. When you leave, go to the International Relations Office to get your certificate of departure. You can only set the departure date 5 days after. Send it to your home university.
    2. You receive your transcripts of records via e-mail.