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    Audrey Devos

    "Forward with Audrey Devos"


    I have always felt very connected with the norms and values ​​of the VUB and therefore I have committed myself throughout my VUB-career.

    However, I need a new challenge and I want to get involved in defending the interests of my fellow students. Even though I would still like to explore the possibilities that I would have in the Faculty Council, there are some ideas that I would like to realize:

    -       Bringing the kick-off back to Jette. Although in theory it was a nice idea to unite Etterbeek and Jette, I noticed that this was not fully realized. The same effect as having a kick-off in Jette was not achieved despite the use of buses.

    -       Releasing the schedule earlier for second session exams. Preferably as soon as possible after the exam session in January.

    -       I think it is unnecessary for the soft drink vending machines to offer so many options within a limited range. I would opt for a possibly healthier but certainly also a more extensive product range and I think it is necessary that the stock is replenished faster (mainly during the group study weeks).

    -       Transforming the spaces around the Basic Fit into true relaxation spaces or at least thinking of a concrete idea of ​​what we can achieve with this space so that it does not go to waste.

    I also have some ideas which I am not sure if they would fall under my authority, but I hope to gradually get a better view.

    Along with strong communication with the student of campus Jette, I believe that I would perform my function as a student representative in a highly motivated manner and I hope, because of my input in policy, to represent the students of my faculty as well as possible in terms of exams, in the field of student finance as well as with regard to more trivial matters.

    Lio Eggers

    "I want to commit myself to making students of Campus Jette heard and to optimizing the campus facilities."


    After spending almost four years on the Brussels Health Campus and committing myself to both the board of the Medical Circle and the Pharmaceutical Circle, it seems to be a good time to use my experience and apply as a representative for the student council.

    Through my efforts in student associations and my student job in the Medical Library, I know how important it is that student facilities are well organized and widely accessible.

    I have met many students in recent years, and have listened carefully to them, which has given me a picture of what works, and which facilities can be improved on our campus.

    A key point for me is the contact between the students from campus Jette and the student council. If I become the faculty representative in the student council, I intend to make a lot of efforts to listen to the voice of Campus Jette and have it heard in the student council.

    First actions I will take:

    • The Student Kick-off on campus Jette has disappeared. I would like to work together with students, the student associations and the university to create a worthy alternative.
    • The use of the Basic Fit Lounge 1090 must be more efficient, students must feel at home there. Time and money have crept in this space, but it is not used very often.
    • The VUB has already made efforts to make our campus a pleasant place, but everything can be improved. We want to work together to optimize student facilities.

    I would like to be given the opportunity to fully commit to this!