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    "This study activity can not be added - the requirements are not met."

    You try to register courses for which you do not meet the registration requirements. You can only follow certain courses together with or after completing another course within the programme. The system automatically stops you.

    1. Is this right?

    You can check this at the dedicated programme page of your study on www.vub.be/en.

    * Yes, this is right according to the pre- and corequisites (registration requirements per course) -> You can not follow this course now. You can discuss a possible exception with your learning path counselor.

    * No, this is not right according to the pre- and corequisites (registration requirements per course) -> go to 2.

    2. Are you sure that you have selected the right variant of the course, W (for working/evening student) or R (regular student)?

    You may want to register for the working student variant of the course, but you are not registered as a working student. The registration requirements state that this is a working student variant.

    Study components with a code ending with 'W' (see example , column 'course') are in principle only available for working students. If the code ends with an 'R' (regular student) then the course is available to all students.

    * No, I am in the wrong 'W' variant -> You can still change this into the 'R' variant.

    * Yes, I am in the right variant -> There may be an error in settings of the registration requirements. In that case you can fill in this form. You don't need to send an email to your faculty or study path counsellor. Through the form, your courses will be registered correctly.

    "These study activities can not be added. By adding these study activities the maximum allowed credits or courses would be exceeded for this period."

    You are trying to exceed the maximum number of credits allowed.

    This means that you have already registered courses for 66 credits and registering more is not allowed.

    Do you want to register for more then 66 credits?

    * Yes. This is only possible with the permission of the Dean. More information about applying for this exception >>>

    * No, this is a mistake. Probably you have accidentally selected too many courses. Check carefully which you have selected and delete the unnecessary.

    "I get the error that I also need to register a study part called 'SELF'"

    This is an unfortunate programming error.

    You can get help here.

    (Screenshot in Dutch:)

    "What should I do when at a course it is mentioned 'only available from dd/mm/yyyy'?"

    Sometimes this message appears next to a course, even if you can select it.

    You may ignore this notification and select the course.


    Screenshot (in Dutch):

    "You can not register for this study activity. The registration period has expired."

    You receive this error message when you still have the course in your cart of last year.

    The solution for this error message

    Empty your shopping cart.

    1. At your home page in the Student SelfService, click on the link 'register my courses' or its corresponding icon.
    2. This takes you to the tab '1. select classes to add'. Here you can see that the course is in your shopping cart. Check the box.
    3. Click on the trash can icon.
    4. Confirm that you want to delete the course when prompted.

    Screenshot (in Dutch):

    "The option 'search by my requirements' is currently unavailable"

    Most likely you have just enrolled. We advise you to try registering your courses again the next day. The system needs some time to process your registration.


    Screenshot (in Dutch):

    Still having this problem after 48 hours?

    If this problem still occurs after 48 hours, visit the Helpdesk course registration >>>

    "Study activity is full"

    Choose the WPO with the green ball instead of the blue square.

    "Study activity is not planned"

    You can get help here.