Portal for

    Complaint or suggestion

    The VUB is an organisation with a lot of room for feedback and debate. You can also file a complaint with a neutral instance. 

    (Dis)Satisfied with the service

    The best way to solve a problem is to politely make your problem known to the individual or department in questions. It's also the fastest way towards a solution. 

    Don't know who to turn to or you prefer to discuss your problem with a neutral instance? We keep a close eye on our e-mail account feedback@vub.be. Student Information  will pick up your problem as a dedicated student servicedesk. We'll look into your problem, search for a solution and contact the relevent individuals or departments. If necessary, we will take up your complaint with the vice-rectorate Education and Student Policy. 

    The e-mail adress feedback@vub.be is the place for feedback on our services, be they positive or negative.

    Education or exam related conflict

    Incidents within the context of education or exams, can be brought to the facultary ombudsperson. If this person is an involved party in the conflict or is unreachable for any reason, you can contact the central ombudsperson.

    Reporting inappropriate behaviour!

    If you experience or witness unwanted or inapprropriate behaviour, you can report it via reportit@vub.ac.be. Discretion is guaranteed.

    Student Council

    The Student Council defends the interests of the VUB students on matters affecting their lives on campus and beyond. The representatives are chosen to answer your questions, listen to your ideas and any issues you may raise. 


    To know your rights and obligations as a student and to find out how the university can protect your rights from being violated, it's advisable to take a look at the various regulations.