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    Where can you get career coaching?

    VUB Career Center

    Don’t know what to do after graduating?  Want to know what the job market looks like and which jobs are out there? Need help creating your CV or motivation letter or do want tips & tricks that will help you nail the application process? Want to learn more about using LinkedIn & other social networks during your job hunt?

    Did you say yes to all these questions? Take a look at all the info, tips and vacancies at our career platform!

    for career related questions, please contact guidance@vub.be!

    VUB Career Coordinator Early-Career Researchers: Annelies

    Are you a researcher (phd/postdoc) in need of individual career coaching?

    Book a ‘career chat’ with career coordinator, Annelies, via VUB LRN.

    • Register here if you have access to TEO. 
    • Register here if you don’t. 

    Any questions? Contact Annelies at annelies.colpin@vub.be.



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    What to do after finishing your studies?

    Not sure yet what to do after graduation? Quarter life crisis?

    Make an appointment with the Career Coach


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    Workshops career coaching

    Apart from individual coaching, the career center also offers different workshops.


    The career center offers workshops on many different topics:

    • The recruitment process: an overview
    • Job orientation: which job fits me?
    • The job market
    • How to create a CV?
    • Writing a cover letter
    • The job interview
    • and much more!

    Interested? Check them out in more detail on our career platform and register to secure your spot!

    You can find the career workshops and events for researchers (phd/postdoc) on VUB LRN.

    Are you looking for individual guidance instead?

    Make an appointment with the career coach