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    A room for fun, singing, party and so much more!

    The BSG-room is well known among students at the VUB and it is used occasionally for student activites. Thanks to a beer tap and a DJ table available in the room, it is very suitable to have parties. Countless "cantussen" and "TD"s have already taken place in the BSG room and will continue in the future. It is a perfect location for students to socialize, enjoy and get to know each other! 


    For more details and information about the BSG-room, you can either send an e-mail or contact the responsible students via telephone.

    Room Manager:

    • Caro Moreels:  0475 47 59 67

    Room Responsibles:

    • Marion Hartoch (Monday): 0494 36 83 57 
    • Eline Orlans (Tuesday): 0471 26 37 82
    • Marnick Moens (Wednesday): 0497 66 43 92 
    • Alek Bauweraerts (Thursday): 0477 30 84 83 

    Important Documents

    The rules and regulations about the BSG-room and its usage are provided below. It is strongly advised to read them before planning an event in the room.