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    First things first

    Before you rush of to the student shop, make sure you know which books you need.

    Not sure which books you need?

    Have a look at the compulsory and recommended course material mentioned in the online course descriptions (navigate through your programme and then choose the courses to find the details and course materials). Use the catalog number (e.g. 1021078ANR) to look up your books in the online shop.

    Tip! Wait to buy your recommended books until after the first class. The professor usually indicates how often you will use them.

    Do you have your list?

    Depending on the material you need you can get it at the Standaard Student ShopOSD course material service or even buy it second hand.

    all official course books and other study material

    You can buy everything you need to get started in the Standaard Student Shop webshop or stop by at the shop on campus Etterbeek.


    Order books anywhere and at any time. You can choose from different delivery options.

    How to order online?


    Start shopping


    Standaard Student Shop (Etterbeek)

    Don't feel like looking online for your books or waiting for the postman? Just stop by the Standaard Student Shop on campus Etterbeek.

    Campus location
    Building B, ground floor, at the corner

    +32 2 486 11 94



    Academic year 2018-2019

    Opening hours academic year 2018-2019

    • During the first two weeks of the semester
      - 24 September up to and including 5 October 2018 and also 11 February up to and including 22 February 2019
      • Monday to Thursday 8:45 AM – 7 PM
      • Friday 8:45 AM – 4 PM
    • Regular opening hours
      • Monday, Thursday and Friday 8:45 - 11 AM + 12 - 4 PM
      • Tuesday and Wednesday 12 - 6 PM
    • Special arrangements
      • During periods for studying and exams: closed on Wednesday.
      • Closed during academic holiday, legal holiday and closure of the VUB (see the academic calendar)
      • Winter Holiday: closed
      • Spring Break: closed, visiting the shop by appointment is possible

    Get most out of your courses

    The OSD offers readers, summaries, exam questions and additional literature.

    The students course material service under the Dutch name 'Overkoepelende StudentenDienst' (abbreviation 'OSD') unites the course material services of all the faculty student organisations located on campus Etterbeek.

    The available course material varies from readers, summaries and exam questions to additional literature. Each publication is offered in cooperation with the responsible professors.


    For and by fellow students

    OSD website
    Campus Etterbeek - VUB restaurant


    Opening hours
    Mon-Fri: 12:00 - 14:00 & Mon: 16:30 - 18:30

    Looking for a bargain?

    Save some cash and do the eco-friendly thing by buying (and selling) your books second hand.

    Tip! Make sure you buy the right books: sometimes you need a specific year of printing or a specific version.

    "VUB tweedehands boekenverkoop"




    Don't buy, borrow!

    The VUB-libraries have all the books you could wish for

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