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    Blocked accounts

    When applying for a student visa or residence permit (ID-card), students need to prove that they have sufficient means of subsistence to cover their living expenses, study, healthcare and repatriation costs. This can be proven in different ways, including by opening a blocked account.

    Ways to prove sufficient means of subsistence

    1. By means of a document certifying that the student has been granted a scholarship, sufficient to cover the above-mentioned expenses

    2. Recommended procedure if item 1 is not applicable: VUB provides a solvency certificate of sufficient means of subsistence. The student will need to transfer a specified amount to the account of VUB, where the funds will be blocked. During the period for which the student requires a proof of sufficient means of subsistence, these funds will be released in monthly payments to his/her Belgian bank account. This practice is referred to as “blocked account”.

    3. By means of a commitment taken by a Belgian or foreign guarantor (Annex 32) to ensure financial solvency of the student during his/her stay in Belgium. This procedure includes validation of the guarantor by the Belgian diplomatic post which is rigorous and very time consuming. If the guarantor is in the end rejected, there will be not enough time anymore to switch to the VUB blocked account.

    These amounts are non-negotiable.

    Blocked account

    • Blocked account money is destined for living expenses only (housing, food, transport, leisure, …), not for tuition fees.
    • Amount
      • The amount single students are expected to transfer as per VUB-regulation is 800 EUR multiplied by the number of months for a short stay or 10,​400 EUR (visa – 13 months stay)/9,600 EUR (residence permit – 12 months stay) for one academic year.​ These amounts are non-negotiable.

      • For a family (reunion),​ the amounts are 1,​600 EUR (short stay) or 20,​800 EUR (visa – 13 months stay)/19,200 EUR (residence permit – 12 months stay) respectively.​ These amounts are non-negotiable.

    • Deadlines applications

      • Blocked account applications for obtaining a visa can be made as from 1 April 2021 until 31 July 2021.

      • Blocked account applications for residence permit extension can be made as from 1 August 2021.

      • Applications received before these dates will not be processed.

    • If money is transferred without the procedure outlined above, there is no guarantee the money can be traced back to the student.

    How does it work?

    Please read our General Conditions and Procedure carefully.

    General conditions and procedure

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    As from now, all applications for standard blocked accounts will be handled through a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

    FYI, a SOP is a set of step-by-step instructions that describes all the relevant steps of a process or procedure.

    We call it the Blocked Account Online tool. It’s also being referred to as Mobility-Online tool.

    Once you click, you will see an application form.

    Fill it in and you will receive an email containing a login and password to create your online profile.

    Login and please follow the steps of the tool. They are self-explanatory.