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    A test of willpower

    What's more exciting and intimidating than having to write a small book at the end of your studies? From start to finish, we can offer some tips to help you write your bachelor's or master's thesis.

    What's the next step?

    After deciding on the content of your thesis with your promotor, it can be difficult to get started. Later on, perhaps you would like some tips on what to do next or how to better structure it. You can find what you need on this section.

    Our workshops offer a lot of advice on planning, researching and writing your thesis. You can meet other students here, share your experiences and help each other. Attendance is free, so don't hesitate to find the workshop you need!

    Do you want some advice on your own thesis? Don't hesitate to seek out individual guidance. We can have a look at your thesis and arrange for personal guidance or tutoring.

    Looking for the perfect ambience to focus your creativity? The Thesis café offers a quiet, relaxing place for students to work on their thesis and exchange ideas while enjoying a hot drink.

    How to write the perfect thesis?

    Feeling stuck? If you have problems planning and writing your thesis, the Study Guidance Centre is here to help.

    Our advisors will listen to you and help you focus and write a good thesis. If you are worried about the quality of your writing in English, we can arrange for a tutor to help and proofread your paper. Find out more on how to get individual guidance on our page, or contact us.

    A thesis covers a very specific subject, but there's an art in presenting your discoveries on paper. You can find valuable feedback and advice on the quality of your academic language at the Academic Language Centre (ACTO).

    As much as we want to help, keep in mind that the content of your thesis is something that only your promotor can decide. Don't hesitate to talk to them if you have questions on what to add or what you can change.

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    Study Guidance

    Which workshop should I attend?

    Study Guidance organises workshops which contain tons of advice regarding the Bachelor's or Master's thesis.

    Participants are encouraged to share their experiences, making it a learning opportunity for other students and for the university staff. If you feel like you could use some help regarding the following topics, don't hesitate to participate!

    Workshops are free for students at the VUB, but registration is mandatory!

    To see the schedule of the workshops, check the calendar regularly.

    Workshop 1: Bachelor or master thesis - finding a topic

    • How do you find a good subject for your project?
    • What should you expect from your supervisor?
    • What can your supervisor expect from you?

    Get started with this workshop!

    Workshop 2: Bachelor or master thesis - a step-by-step plan

    • How do you formulate a good research question?
    • Which sources are valid for your literature research?
    • Which research method will you use?

    Get your reserach on track with these practical tips!

    Workshop 3: Bachelor or master thesis - the writing process

    • Can you use a first-person view in your paper?
    • What's the appropriate structure for your text?
    • How do you avoid plagiarism?

    Let this workshop guide you from first draft to final version with handy advice on your rough draft, argumentation, structure, reference list, and more.


    Workshop 4: Bachelor or master thesis: language and structure

    • Unable to start or stuck in the writing process?
    • Unsure about your writing?

    This workshop focuses on structuring a text and adopting an academic register. It provides an overview of common mistakes. Students are encouraged to bring their own writing to the session.

    Discover our workshops!


    Write, talk & relax

    The purpose of the thesis café is to immediately assist students with general questions concerning research methodology, quoting references, academic language or statistics. This way, thesis supervisors can concentrate more on the academic merits of the works.

    Unfortunately, the meetings of the Thesis café at the VUB are still canceled due to the Corona crisis for the time being. However, this doesn't mean that the concept of the Thesis café is canceled.

    We provide you with an "online forum" via a google sheet to ask us your questions. You are also very welcome to e-mail us at thesiscafe@vub.ac.be

    Additionally, we organize a live (but virtual) session. As of now, the live session will take place on Thursday between 1-2pm with an assistant. The first meeting is planned on Thursday 01/10/2020, 1-2pm (week 3). From then on, we will have live sessions every Thursday 1-2pm. You can access the live session via this link. Please feel welcome to join the session and ask your questions live to the assistant.

    Check here for more info.

    More information via thesiscafe@vub.ac.be.