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    Making appeal against a study progress decision

    In case you feel that your rights have been infringed you can appeal.

    Making an appeal

    In case you feel that your rights have been infringed you can appeal against a study progress decision within the expiry period of seven calendar days. 

    The expiry period for examination decisions starts the day following the day of the proclamation (the electronic communication of examination results shall be considered as proclamation). For all other study progress decisions, the expiry period starts the day after announcement of the decision.

    For details regarding the following provisions you can consult article 151 - 155 of the Teaching and examination regulations.

    HINT If you are considering to lodge an internal appeal against an exam result, it is advisable to scrutinise the exam copy first and/or ask feedback from the examiner. See art. 114, §3 (access to exam copy) and art. 114, §4 (feedback) of the TER and the faculty supplementary provisions for the terms and organisation of the perusal and feedback moments. 


    First step is an internal appeal. In case you do not agree with the outcome of it, you can start an external appeal procedure.

    Internal appeals procedure

    To be admissible, your appeal must be filed in the form of a signed and dated application letter submitted within the expiry period by registered mail to the Chairman of the appeals body concerned. The application must include, at the very least, your identity, the disputed decision(s) and a factual description of the objections invoked. We advise you to use the template form for internal appeal.

    At the same time, you shall send by e-mail an identical electronic version of the application for information to the e-mail address indicated in the Supplementary Faculty Regulations.

    In the list below you can find the Chairman of the appeals body concerned per faculty:

    • Economic and Social Sciences and Solvay Business School: Prof. dr. Caroline Buts (incl. IES Advanced Master MSc. European Integration and Development)

    • Medicine and Pharmacy: Prof. dr. em. Ch. Vanden Branden

    • Engineering: Prof. dr. ir. Leo Van Biesen

    • Arts and Philosophy: Prof. dr. G. Cornelis

    • Physical Education and Physiotherapy: Prof. dr. Romain Meeusen

    • Psychology and Educational Sciences: Prof. dr. Johan Vanderfaeillie

    • Law and Criminology: Prof. dr. Eggermont (incl. IES Advanced Master LL.M International and European Law)

    • Science and Bio-engineering Sciences: Prof. dr. Ludwig Triest

    The decision taken will be communicated to you within twenty calendar days following the day on which your appeal was filed.

    External appeals procedure

    You can appeal to the decision of the internal procedure with the Council for Disputes about Decisions on Study Progress as is described in article 155 in the Teaching and examination regulations.