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    The 24h of VUB

    During the 'Warmest Week' by Music for Life, the whole country is raising money for charity. On 18 and 19 December VUB’s building D in Etterbeek will be open for 24 hours again, starting at noon on 18 December. Every hour you can participate in an activity for charity and from 5 pm you can enjoy drinks and snacks at the warmest market during the After work/school event.


    For a mild gift to charity you can enjoy every hour a special VIP activity.

    noon: Salsa class with vicerector Jan Danckaert Register

    1 pm: Gin o' clock (gin tasting) Register

    2 pm: Hugging chickens

    3 pm: Drink tea for chariTEA with Greenteam Register

    4 pm: Discussion with the Marxistische jongeren Register

    5 pm: Happy Hour 'get 1, pay 2' during the After work/school

    6 pm: Wintermarket during the After work/school

    7 pm: EScobar during the After work/school

    8 pm: The organisation

    9 pm: Open Mic

    10 pm: Ping pong tournament Register

    11 pm: Cinema D

    midnight: Night tour with campus Security Register

    1 am: 1 hour party

    2 am: Cantus

    3 am: Karaoke

    4 am: UNO- tournament

    5 am: Changing of the Guards

    6 am: Meditation

    7 am: Morning gymnastics

    8 am: Breakfast Register

    9 am: Lecture on the songbirds of Laken Register

    10 am: Knitting workshop Register

    11 am: Countdown

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    You are always welcome in our house of glass in building D, but if you want to participate in the special VIP activities, it is best to register in advance.


    Bednet helps children and youngsters who are ill to continue attending classes at home, with live lessons from their classroom.

    With the warm initiatives during the "24 hours of the VUB" the Vrije Universiteit Brussel supports Bednet, a non-profit organisation which ensures the right to education. With  Bednet, children and youngsters  who are not able to go to school due to chronic illness, surgery or an accident, can watch live lessons from their classroom at home. Via a camera they can direct themselves, the children can attend the lessons and talk to their friends in class. In the back of the classroom, a computer screen enables the pupils to see their classmate at home.

    Most children or youngsters using Bednet succeed in passing on to the next class. Moreover - and probably most importantly - Bednet enables them to keep contact with their friends in class. This way - even if it's just for a moment - they can forget their illness.

    Join the "24 hours of the VUB" and help these children and youngsters forget their worries. VUBforlife, We are VUB.


    More info about Bednet >>>

    A different charity?

    Would you like to organise an activity or booth during the "24 hours of the VUB" for a different charity? Please contact us.

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