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Next to the many exchange options within your current study programme, there are also many 'extra' options to expand your horizon abroad.

Pursue an extra degree at a foreign university

You can either directly apply at a foreign university, or access through a specific scholarship programme. In this section we offer some links to familiar scholarships. Mind the deadline and take into account that an application process can take a while. Starting on time is more than a good piece of advice.

Study or research in the USA

Belgian American Educational Foundation

Studying abroad


Go abroad

Go Strange!

Research, study and teaching opportunities in over 140 countries!


Master and PhD opportunities in China

Chinese Government Scholarships

Internships, volunteering and projects

The VUB Career Center collects internships and offers for volunteer work, also abroad. You can get in touch with them to get advice and browse their job offer database, paid as well as voluntary. At VUB finally, interesting projects are emerging all the time.

Stages en vrijwilligerswerk

Career Center

Internships and volunteering

Career Center

Research and experience projects in the South


Volunteer work in the South



Finally, you can just pack your bags and travel the globe. As booking your summer holiday is not quite our core business, we limit this overview to some specific interesting travel projects we come accross on campus.